Children's Recovery Center History

The Children's Recovery Center is a multi-disciplinary clinic that was started in March of 1996 to serve the children of Horry and Georgetown counties that were victims of sexual assault.  Prior to this, children were being taken to Columbia and Charleston to receive this service.  At the Center, forensic interviews are conducted with are observed by DSS,  local law enforcement, and other participating agencies such as the Solicitor's Office, Guardian and Litem Program , and mental health professionals. This collaborative effort reduces the number of interviews of the child and helps reduce revictimization.  It also provides a structured and professional-based protocol that helps to ensure proper disclosures thereby leading to more prosecutions and convictions of sexual perpetrators.

In 1995 a task force met for one year to establish a community multi-disciplinary plan and commitment for the establishment of the Children's Recovery Center.  The Children's Recovery Center began providing services for Horry and Georgetown Counties in South Carolina in March 1996.  Children's Recovery Center is a non-profit community organization governed by a board.

The Children's Recovery Center has two sites, the Myrtle Beach facility is situated three blocks from the Atlantic Ocean in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a free standing building with six offices, two bathrooms, one interview room, one teen waiting room, a fully functional kitchen, a reception area, and a large waiting area filled with toys, books, crayons, and other child-friendly items.  The Georgetown facility is located at 635 South Hazard Street in Georgetown and has a similar configuration of spaces.  Medical and mental health services are provided on-site.  The Children's Recovery Center provides free space within the Center for therapists who provide mental health services.